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Current Limit Valves

Current Limit Valves

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Current limit valves are safety devices used in hydraulic systems to protect the system from excessive pressure and prevent damage to components. These valves monitor the flow of hydraulic fluid and limit the current or pressure when it exceeds a predetermined threshold, ensuring safe and controlled operation in various industrial applications.


Q: What are Current Limit Valves?
A: Current limit valves are hydraulic safety devices designed to protect hydraulic systems from overpressure situations. They act as flow control valves that monitor the current or pressure in the system and limit it to a safe level, preventing potential damage to components and ensuring system stability.

Q: How do Current Limit Valves work?
A: Current limit valves work by sensing the flow of hydraulic fluid in the system. When the flow exceeds a predetermined set limit, the valve restricts the flow or reduces the pressure to keep it within the safe operating range.

Q: Where are Current Limit Valves used?
A: Current limit valves are used in a wide range of hydraulic systems, including industrial machinery, mobile equipment, and hydraulic power units. They find applications in systems where maintaining safe pressure levels is critical to prevent hydraulic system failures.

Q: What are the types of Current Limit Valves?
A: Current limit valves come in various types, including direct-acting valves and pilot-operated valves. The choice of valve type depends on the specific application requirements and the level of control needed.
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